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AIRFIT Headband The IKO CORE Head Torch comes with the comfortable and ergonomically designed AIRFIT headband. The band delivers an innovative, streamlined design that is paired with an ultra-thin lamp body. Meanwhile, the battery pack is placed in the rear which helps to further distribute the weight of the headlamp over the entire head. The headband is also water and sweat repellent with a quick and easy adjustment system. Optimal Visual Comfort Lighting your way, the IKO’s lamp is powerful, with a maximum output of 500 lumens, while remaining lightweight. Using multiple LEDs provides homogenous light distribution. Additionally, the headlamp has two beam types which includes flood and mixed with different user requirements. This ensures that the light meets all user demands, including proximity lighting, movement and distance vision. Rechargeable The headlamp comes with the CORE battery pack which charges via micro USB port. Additionally, the battery pack comes with Petzl’s Hybrid Concept design which also works with three standard batteries. The lamp detects the energy source and adjusts lighting performance (IKO CORE with CORE rechargeable battery= 500 lumens, IKO CORE with standard batteries = 350 lumens) Versatile and Easy to Use The IKO CORE is incredibly versatile and can be used in multiple ways – it can be worn on the head, or around the neck, placed on a table, attached to a tent pole or tree, etc. The headlamp comes with a storage pouch and two LOCK functions which makes the lamp easy to transport. Light Modes Max Burn Time: 6 lumens – 10m – 100 hours Standard: 100 lumens – 45m – 9 hours Max Power: 500 lumens – 100m – 2 hours 30 minutes Specifications Light Output: 500 lumens Weight: 79g Beam Pattern: Flood or mixed Energy: 1250 mAh CORE rechargeable (included) Charging Time: 3 hours Battery Compatibility: Alkaline, lithium, or Ni-MH rechargeable Watertightness: IPX4 (weather-resistant) Certification: CE

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