Grenade L-Glutamine (250g)

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Grenade L-Glutamine (250g)L-Glutamine (250g) from Grenade helps contribute to improved performance, recovery and muscle growth. Following intense exercise levels of this amino acid falls significantly (by up to 50%) and so supplementation is highly recommended for the serious athlete who wishes to make the best progression in their training.L-glutamine has a number of benefits that contribute to muscle growth, performance and recovery:The first of these is L-glutamine’s role in muscle health, minimising muscle breakdown and improving protein metabolism [1, 2]. L-glutamine’s anti-catabolic ability preventing muscle breakdown is especially beneficial for those who are dieting and looking to lose body fat whilst preserving muscle mass.Secondly, L-glutamine is an effective compound for immune health [3]. With the immune systems preferred fuel source being L-glutamine and levels dropping by up to 50% during intense exercise [4, 5], supplementation is a must to maintain optimal muscle performance.Finally, L-glutamine is crucial in maintaining intestinal health [6, 7]. For any individual looking to gain muscle, lose weight or improve performance intestinal health should be paramount. You can be taking every supplement available and eat well but if your body isn’t absorbing this correctly through the intestines then your results are restricted. Features:100% Pure L -GlutamineNatural Amino acidHighest gradeCan be used: Pre workout - Post workout - Before bedReferences;1. MacLennan PA, Brown RA, Rennie MJ A positive relationship between protein synthetic rate and intracellular glutamine concentration in perfused rat skeletal muscle. FEBS Lett. (19872. Zhou X, Thompson JR Regulation of protein turnover by glutamine in heat-shocked skeletal myotubes . Biochim Biophys Acta. (1997)3. Walsh, N. P., Blannin, A. K., Robson, P. J., & Gleeson, D. M. (1998). Glutamine, Exercise and Immune Function. Sports Medicine, 26(3), 177-191.4. 1.Wischmeyer PE. Clinical applications of L-glutamine: Past, present, and future. Nutr Clin Prac. 2003;18(5):377-385.5. Castell, L. M., Poortmans, J. R., & Newsholme, E. A. (1996). Does glutamine have a role in reducing infections in athletes? European Journal of Applied Physiology and Occupational Physiology, 73(5), 488-490.6. Sevastiadou S, et al The impact of oral glutamine supplementation on the intestinal permeability and incidence of necrotizing enterocolitis/septicemia in premature neonates. J Matern Fetal Neonatal Med. (2011).7. Potsic B, et al Glutamine supplementation and deprivation: effect on artificially reared rat small intestinal morphology . Pediatr Res. (2002)Buy Grenade Products from Chain Reaction Cycles, the World's Largest Online Bike Store.

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