Abus Aduro 2.1 Cycling Helmet 2021 - White, White

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Abus Aduro 2.1 Cycling HelmetThe Abus Aduro 2.1 Cycling Helmet is at home on any cycling adventure you have planned. Maximum comfort, optimal safety features and a sleek design all combine to make this a winner for any style of cycling. Cycle SafelyIf you love the thrill of two-wheeled exploration, cycle for fitness or enjoy riding with friends and family, the Aduro 2.1 Cycling Helmet is an excellent entry-level lid with all the safety and comfort you'll need. Head protection comes by the way of its In-mould technology and EPS foam core. The EPS core provides excellent impact-absorption should you hit your head. The core is then directly fused to a tough outer shell. This combination offers both safety and durability without a weight penalty. Comfort, Every RideMoving on to comfort, the Aduro excels here too. Firstly, the ventilation. A total of 13 vents ensure you keep your cool when riding. Intake vents are linked to the outlet vents via inner channels, creating a flow of air over the head. Cool air in. Warm humid air out. Next comes adjustment, a vita part of being comfortable and safe. The Zoom Ace system allows you to get a precise fit, all via a simple rear adjustment wheel. Lastly, a fully encompassing inner head ring provides a positive and stable fit, keeping the Aduro where it should be for optimal protection. Features:In-Mould design for a durable connection of outer shell and shock-absorbing EPS coreExcellent ventilation with 3 air inlets and 10 air outlets connected with flow channelsZoom Ace: Finely adjustable adjustment system with handy adjustment wheel for a customisable fitSize adjustment via a solid ring made of 2 plastic components for optimum stability and positive fitHigh visibility due to bright reflectorsPonytail compatibility: Helmet well suited to plait wearersFoamed-in fly netsWeight: 275g (S), 295g (M), 325g (L)Buy Abus Helmets from Chain Reaction Cycles, the World's Largest Online Bike Store.

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