100% Altec MTB Helmet 2019 - Black - XS/S, Black

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100% Altec MTB HelmetWith integrated Smartshock® technology, the 100% Altec Helmet is designed to provide unrivalled protection when mountain biking, whether that's at a local trail centre or heading out into the wilds. Bounce Back from Hitting the DirtFrom technical, root-strewn trails, rock gardens and smooth flow trails the Altec MTB Helmet is designed to provide head protection when skills come up short or gravity and low-grip conspire to fling you to the deck. With a combination of Multi-Density EPS foam and the Smartshock® Rotational Protective System, the Alteca MTB helmet soaks up and dissipates the energy from impacts and at the same provides incredible protection of the brain from the rotational forces encountered when you take a fall. Across a wide range of speeds and impact angles, the Alteca will keep you safe and secure. Riding is a BreezeBuilding up some heat and sweat is inevitable as you take to the trails but fear not, the Altec is engineered to keep you as cool and comfortable as possible. This is achieved via 15 large ventilation ports channelling airflow around the head while warm sweaty air is expelled out of the rear exhaust ports. Combine this ventilation with the anti-microbial and moisture-wicking liner and you have a helmet that feels as fresh as it looks even when riding far and fast. Functionally FabulousWhen it comes to dialling in the fit the Altec makes it easy. No matter how rough and rowdy the terrain the Adjustable Ratcheting Fitment System ensures you can keep the helmet secure via a simple twist of the rear dial, while the Nexus push-release snap-buckle makes getting your helmet on or off a cinch. The multi-point, adjustable visor optimises protection and vision while allowing easy stowage of goggles and if you're a rider who prefers sunglasses, the sunglasses storage system is a welcome addition. Whether you're taking in laps of a trail centre of heading out into the wilds, the Altec is your perfect and protective riding companion. Features:Smartshock® - 14 Point Smartshock® Rotational Protective SystemMulti-Density EPS foam - injection moulded with polycarbonateMassive airflow - With an impressive 15 ventilation portsAltec 350g / M-Shell - Expanded coverage while still lightweightSunglasses Storage - Integrated sunglasses storage systemMulti-point adjustable visor designed - For maximum vision and goggle stowageAnti-Microbial liner - Washable, moisture-wickingAdjustable Ratcheting Fitment SystemNexus Push Release Snap-BuckleSize-specific moulds - XS/S, S/M, and L/XLBuy 100% Protection from Chain Reaction Cycles, the World's Largest Online Bike Store.

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