100% Aircraft MIPS Carbon DH-BMX (Fiji), Fiji

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100% Aircraft MIPS DH Helmet - FijiThis Fiji Aircraft Helmet is 100%'s superior DH helmet and has been designed with precision engineering using a composite shell made of Carbon/Kevlar to make the helmet amazingly light.Most Ventilated HelmetIt has better-quality ventilation courtesy of 25 air vents & channels making this one the most ventilated helmets available to purchase.Brain ProtectionThis helmet has a plethora of features from safety to technical and also includes MIPS, a patented brain protection system. It also complies with ASTM, CPSC, CE, and AS/NZ bicycle standards.What is MIPS?MIPS is a Brain Protection SystemRotational motion can cause brain injuriesThe low friction layer allows a sliding movement of 10–15 mm, in all directions, reducing rotational motion to the brain during impactMIPS adds protection Features:Ultralight design with aerospace Carbon/Kevlar composite shellActive cooling system maximises airflow offering more ventilation than any other helmetEquipped with MIPS: Patented brain protection systemComfort liner, cheek pads & chin strap covers are washable and antibacterialEmergency release cheek pads for quick, safe removalIntegrated Compartment: Accepts inflatable emergency release systemsCompatible with the most popular neck brace systemsTitanium D-ring buckle provides a secure fit while saving weightAdjustable visor with machined lightweight aluminium screwsDurable helmet case with integrated goggle pocket includedHelmet complies with ASTM, CPSC, CE, and AS/NZ bicycle standards.25 vents & channels: One of the most ventilated helmet availableBuy 100% Protection from Chain Reaction Cycles, the World's Largest Online Bike Store.

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